HTML button tag

Buttons are generally created within HTML forms. These are normally attached to JavaScript function with onclick or other events. Buttons are used to submit data to server, navigation between web pages

A Little About HTML Forms 

The Forms provide different input types to be used to allow users entering the required information. For example, you can use text boxes, checkboxes, textarea, radio buttons, input type file to let upload images, pdfs, or other files, submit buttons in the forms.

What is HTML List?

The List is the way to present information in the form of a listing. This is quite useful for presenting information like product features, services, job requirements, shopping list items etc. in the list format to your web pages.

C# Switch Statement

The switch statement is a decision-making statement which is used to execute a block of code when you have various blocks in C# program. The C# switch is useful when you have long blocks of if, if..else statement